I’ve been very blessed to be surrounded by talented and kind people who have taught me and encouraged me to no end. I’ve learned from pastry chefs, bloggers, designers, stylists, photographers, and friends who have reached out to me and taken me under their wing. Sometimes it’s very uncomfortable for me to share things I’ve made, cakes, art, whatever it may be. I’ve always been a maker, it started with drawings and cakes when I was a kid, but it has grown and grown. The one thing I’ve never been very good at, is sharing what I’ve made with people. For years, my family didn’t even know that I could draw or paint! Not until I hung some works up on the wall of my bed room. Even today, I have friends who come to my house and are shocked to learn about my hobbies and talents. Food has always been a little bit easier to share, but still scary.

I’ve been thinking recently why it scares me so much to share these things I’ve made. I’ve concluded that these things, these cakes or paintings or drawings or breads or whatever it maybe are in a way, little bits of me. It’s like sharing myself with someone, which is really not my strong suit. (Single problems, am I right?) But why? I believe that people are generally good. Most people would not sneer at something I worked on and I know that—that is, when I think about it logically. But when I’m in that moment of truth, my hands shake and my courage disappears. Social media and the blogging world have made it easier. There, I can hide behind a screen. I’m not sure yet if that’s a good thing or not. But it has certainly launched me into a world of creatives, who, turns out, often have the same struggles. I’m always surprised to hear that. With the encouragement of friends who I have been brave enough to share a little bit of myself with, and with the example of some remarkable people I’ve been blessed to know, and of course, with the help of hiding behind a screen… I’m getting a little better at this. Bit by bit. I used to think that I didn’t want to be seen so much, but truthfully I’ve been so inspired by people in similar situations to mine that I feel it would be selfish to keep to myself when there is good to be done in the world. So I’m working on sharing, at least with those who are willing to see. And so should all of you. In my limited experience, good things come from it.

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