So let’s eat cake! With candy! Even better: Easter candy. Honestly out of all the holidays in the year, Easter season is the BEST candy season. Easter bunny, you’ve got the right idea. Robin’s Eggs! Jelly Beans! Cadbury Creme Eggs! Reese’s Eggs! I wanted to put the pastel beauties of the season on display and while another piñata cake was tempting, I was inspired by Real Simple’s nest cake. It’s sort of the same, just A LOT more festive (and easier, too). And how beautiful as the finale to your Easter supper in a few weeks?

While you can truly use any flavor bundt cake you desire, I went with my favorite lemon bundt cake. I typically add a lemon soaking syrup and poppy seeds to the lemon bundt cake, but since the focus of this dessert would be on the garnish– I kept it plain. But “plain” isn’t at all how I would describe it. Rather, this lemon bundt cake is soft, sweet, and moist. Smack dab in the middle between fluffy and dense with *just* the right amount of lemon zing. You know the flavor is there, but it isn’t overwhelming. Nor is is competing with the coconut and cream cheese frosting on top.  (We’ll get to those in a second.)

Other bundt cakes you can use:

  • carrot cake (you can leave out the cheesecake swirl!)
  • apple bundt cake
  • orange bundt cake
  • chocolate bundt cake (you can leave out the cheesecake swirl here too)
  • or even this angel food cake!

Or virtually anything that pairs with coconut. And Easter. You have control over the flavor. Just use whatever your family will like best. I’ll definitely be making this coconut Easter nest cake with carrot cake for the big day

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